Relocation appeal

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NLPR needs to relocate....

Times are changing and never before has there been so much interest in the plight of both captive and wild parrots. Parrot rescue organisations in the USA have come together to form a grass-roots welfare advocacy network to strengthen their purpose and act as an international educational resource.

New Life Parrot Rescue & Helpline Service is working toward creating an ethical UK parrot rescue network and extending its services. In order to do this, we need to relocate to a suitable premises that will form the first UK parrot welfare advocacy centre.

Relocation is essential for the charity to further its purpose and accommodate the increasing problems that captive parrots are encountering at an accelerating rate. We have a crisis over-population of unwanted parrots in the UK. Our limited resources are now hampering our progress in being able to address their difficulties.

Free-flight, walk through habitatRescued Macaws enjoying life in one section of a quarter acre, free flighted, walk through habitat. Imagine, New Life being able to provide this for rescued birds—birds who have known long-term confinement and in some cases, life-long confinement. As well as this, we aim to provide accommodation for companion parrots. We can do this with YOUR help!

For information about this appeal please visit our Relocation Appeal flash presentation.

If you are able to offer financial help or know someone who can, then please support this appeal. Should you be able to donate either £10, £50 or £100 we will put your name on a virtual brick on our Wall of Fame. Or you can have a £1 text entry display below the "Wall of Fame". Click here to 'buy-a-brick'.