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Web Links - disclaimer

Disclaimer: The web sites here have been carefully researched by NLPR. Some of the commercial companies are our suppliers. Although we endeavour to select parrot- welfare-oriented web sites that offer a wide knowledge base, NLPR does not support nor condone any section relating to the breeding of captive parrots or any material which conflicts with our principles and code of ethics. If you discover a web link on our web site that you feel should not be there, then please report it to us at admin [dot] nlpr [at] ntlworld [dot] com

It is not NLPR's policy to locate breeders. We are a rescue and, as such, cannot condone the continual breeding of parrots for the already over-populated captive parrot trade. Please read NLPR's Ethics.

Please also take the time to step out of yourself and visit White Feather, for it is only when our consciousness registers that humanity is neither lesser nor greater than the living beings we share our planet with, that the suffering of animals and birds cease. And from this our fauna will flourish.