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The ethics of New Life Parrot Rescue & Helpline Service...

  • We do not breed or place birds with people who breed
  • We do not sell, trade or use birds in our care for commerce or profit
  • We promote responsible guardianship of companion birds; we promote education on all issues of avian welfare
  • We oppose the sale of unweaned baby birds and production breeding methods
  • We oppose the mass-marketing and selling of birds through pet-store chains, general pet shops, the Internet and through other unscrupulous means
  • We maintain that all captive breeding contributes to the problem of homeless captive birds and does not contribute to the viable preservation of the species
  • We do not condone, endorse or promote the breeding of companion birds for the pet trade
  • We support and encourage responsible legislation protecting the rights, health and safety of birds living in captivity
  • We are strongly opposed to legal/illegal exportation/importation and encourage all countries to adopt legislation and enforcement policies preventing wild birds from entering the pet trade

Parrots are wild at heart, thus beyond the ‘pet’ concept. NLPR is adamantly against their perpetual breeding, the stealing of eggs and offspring from parent birds for the hand-reared pet trade. There are thousands of unwanted parrots with very few ethical parrot rescue organisations in existence to meet the demand. The larger parrots easily live up to 50 years or more, making it impossible to counter-balance their continual breeding. Parrots commonly experiences four homes before five-years of age. Read our re-homing policy.